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12 September 2006 @ 01:51 am
FV 2006  
Saturday i went to family values and everything else including pictures is behind a cut

Its so weird writing an entry cuz it's been so long.
Um I guess I started out my day pretty much flat ironing my hair for 2-3 effing hours... Yes it takes that long to flat iron my hair. But i wanted to my hair to be extra special/perfect just in case i happened upon some of those hott Japanese rock stars or any member of their entourage for that matter. But as luck would have it, it was raining like crazy! and anyone with nappy hair can tell you... rain + flat ironed fro = not a pretty sight.

I got there and hour or so before the concert started. As soon as we park i see a Burgundy tour bus with a tailor hooked on the back. And I dunno if it was the trailer, promptness, the weird parking selection, or what but I automatically knew there were hott Japanese guys on the bus. The bus parks and few minutes later, and I see a guy get out to smoke. Upon further inspection I can confirm that he does in fact seem to be of Asian descent <3333 and His hair is unmistakibly similar to that of Die, guitarist of the band DIR EN GREY... AHHH so I'm like so spazzing. From the distance I can't see his face and I suppose there could be a member of the band's crew with a similar hairstyle. He returns to the inside of the bus before I can get a better look. I keep staring at the bus hoping for any more activity. But for a long while there is none. Then I see another, what appears to be Japanese guy exit the bus and start to smoke. This time, without hesitation, I move in for a closer look.
and Discover that he is in fact some amazing GORGEOUS Japanese boy <3333 (look at those lips so smoochable xD and that hair! SO PERFECT hahaa)

Kinda looks like he's hard and hard night.. perhaps a hard tour, or squatting is his preferred smoking position?! who knows! but whatever he's doing he looks dang good while doing it! I don't recognize him, not even as a roadie. I suppose he is one. I bet a fangirl could make a positive identification for now he's hot Jboy on the tour bus!
Shortly after the first guy comes out again. Since I am now closer to the bus I manage to get a few pics.

I dunno, even though he has a pretty similar hairstyle to Die, and even similar clothes in the face he looks a lil old xP hahaha and tanned? And my eyesight sucks. I have no far sight at all! Everything like more than a foot and half from my face is a total BLUR!!! So i'm trying to the best of my blurry vision's ability and camera zooming skills to make out his face. Then he's disappears out of sight around the back of the bus. I know the only way to see him now is to actually enter the venue.

As far as I can tell It's him. I think i need a second opinion... but compare this is DIE:


Same guy right? He's got the same lil cute monkey face. I could kick myself now! I shoulda got an autograph but I sure woulda felt stupid being all DIE I LOVE YOU AUTOGRAPH PLEASE!! and he being all huh?? Even though I doubt he woulda understood me neways :-P
But yeah, even if I knew for sure it was him I'm too chicken to ask for autographs. Oh and my mom has those same shoes in rainbow color which i found amusing.

After that lil "ordeal" I made sure to go to the FYE tent to buy an autographed "withering to death" CD cuz you need to buy one to get a wristband to get into the meet and greet line for later, after the band's set. And the bitch had a nerve to comment on my arm hair.. and i had shaved... BITCH!! the one effin spot I missed xP I guess that's what happens when you shave in the dark with a dollar store razor HAH.

Finally find out seat and Wall of Jericho came out

<333 and Have I told you I effin love Candace? SO much i was screaming inbetween every song "I LOVE YOU CANDACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was so totally being her fangirl. Either she didnt hear or she wasnt amused hahaha! Cuz she ignored me major.. PFFT @ you Candace!

After that I think a bunch of boring bands came out. Its all a blur cuz i was groggy and disinterested.
But I took a few pics.

Um deadsy or as I prefer to call them SON OF A CHER xD so lame inno

I thought that keyboardist was kinda cute mmm ~

And then Bury Your (FUCKING) Dead... FUCKING's always added in right? *yawn* If you heard one metalcore band you heard em all. At least Throwdown's got that lil Asian dude.
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Umm what's the shirt say? I couldn't get a clear pic.. something bout the SXE ooo

And then some band called 10 years who I have never heard/heard of ever before in my whole entire life. But apparently they have some hit song? Cuz people were singing along and I was beyond clueless.
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And then WHAT I CAME FOR!!!

DIR EN GREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or um not yet! First I had to get some roadie pics. Cuz they have the most delicious lookin' roadies I have ever seen! mmm EYECANDY!!

I swear this guy has a fanclub now..

And now the band ***heart*heart*heart*heart*heart*heart*heart*heart***

Kyo is so adorableness ¦¬)

His hair is peroxided to heck and still looks no nice


Toshiya and shirtless Kyo awww

Couldn't get a decent pic of Shinya.. the sextasticful drummer shooo--

More craptastic attempts to capture Shinya's beauty!

Kaoru!what a shame you can't see his face! Tis a beauty!


More die

blurry but I love it.


Sex Pose X.X


Finally some Kaoru face!


...And then they're gone *sadness*

Right after their set I hurried back to the FYE tent and there's no band! only a few kids looking confused! People pointing in another direction.. and everyone wandering over to what they hope is the DIRU meet and greet line... Thought we found it only to discover its the Korn line! By the time we found the actually dir en grey line we were like 10 people from the back, few hundred from the front. Diru took over an hour to get there.
Finally, 2 members arrived in golf carts and everyone was cheering! They announced we couldn't get anything autographed, no pictures either. We only get to say "hi!" and be on our way. By this time I had completely missed flyleaf's set. It was no biggie cuz what other opportunity am I gonna have to come face to face with the biggest Jrock stars? The line went through really fast and I went up to shake their hands. And I was in a daze. Its like they were in front of me but I couldn't see them cuz my senses were not functioning! All I remember is seeing BEAUTY stare right back at me! And touching the boniest hands I have ever felt in my entire life! I'm telling you it felt like I was touching a skeleton with the thinest layer of skin covering. Not just 1 but both of them had like identical feeling bony hands. And their waists were like the size of my wrists I got freaked out a lil. When i exited I realized that I didn't even know who's hands I had just shook! I was just to overwhelmed to even process. So i snuck around the people who were cutting off out bracelets and I peeked back to see that it was Shinya (the drummer) and Die (guy I had seen outside earlier) who's hands I had shaken. I felt so amazingly high. I mean sure they're beautiful in pics and on stage but in person. I have to say they re some of the most beautiful people ever. All i remember is Shinya's face.. just perfect! His hair! oh Just everything about him... I was completely enchanted. Its a lil akward cuz I was the oldest fangirl there..By what seemed like 6 or so years.. :S freaked me out a lil haha but not enough to detour me. :)

I was hoping stone sour's set woulda been happening the time of the meet and greet. But unfortunately I was back in time to catch the whole thing. I was dozing off but Corey Taylor did call George Bush a sawed off so-and-so cant remember. But it reminded me of my mom who's always calling people sawed offs when she's like 5'1" haha! And it was amusing esp since i bet alot of his fans are republican.
Then My deftones came on! I had a moment during "Change" where I got all choked up. and then Korn and they bored the EFF outta me for the most part. They did play "Wicked" with Chino which i had been waiting WELL OVER A DECADE to witness! So that was kinda a dream come true! and I was all into it. And Jon called Chino "a so-called Latino" and i was screaming but by that time I had no voice left.
Waiting through so many torturous songs for them to play blind and It never came so i figured they just weren't gonna play. So we left to beat traffic and as we were heading out the exits and "I can see I can see I'm going bliiind I can see I can see I'm going blind" and its like son of a....

The whole day was dreary and rainy and I was freezing to death! and I really felt afterwards like I was totally gonna be sick and I had a bad toothache. And seeing deftones and korn together now that they look so washed up was so bittersweet for me. But the day was awesome. I am eternally grateful to korn for bringing Dir en grey to the US. Without them they coulda never done a US tour. Thank you sooooo much for giving a foreign band a chance on a US tour!! It made me proud to be a Korn fan xD I'm still on my lil jrock high and I so don't wanna come down <3

oh and apparently Kater just made out with my favorite lesbian movie/tv star? ahaha ok not really xD but awesomeness ¦¬D really!
Oh yeah and I'm gonna start a new journal soon. I just think it's time. Plus it's gonna be all about kpop so I don't have to burden everyone's friend's page!
Speaking of KPOP next month I'm flying to NYC to see se7en and the YG family! Some of my all time favorites! So i'm way excited for that.

xXx oOo
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cathy now, insanity latercathynow on September 12th, 2006 06:08 am (UTC)
Haha, that post was amazing.

There's this asian kid in my gender studies class that I reaaaaally want to be friends with. He has the best style that I've seen on any guy at school.
재키sxe_chicana on September 12th, 2006 06:22 am (UTC)

Gosh Asian boys got some of the best style. Haha sneak a pic if you can. I'm anxious to see!
Sushisushibubba on September 12th, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)

Is your phone # the same? I really want to talk about that show.

We left right after wicked...no higher note than that!!
재키sxe_chicana on September 13th, 2006 02:43 pm (UTC)
Yes its the same

Wicked!! <3556798 that was my favorite korn song for a long while soley because it had Chino on it.
Brandoguildagent13 on September 12th, 2006 06:50 pm (UTC)
you should come to Berklee in Boston. Japanese guys EVERYWHERE!
mopimpthanthoumopimpthanthou on September 12th, 2006 08:45 pm (UTC)
shes my woman now :p
재키sxe_chicana on September 13th, 2006 02:47 pm (UTC)
pfft!! I thought she looked like bobby sherman :-P omg i wrote booby sherman haha
mopimpthanthoumopimpthanthou on September 14th, 2006 05:00 am (UTC)
okay so, watching jeopardy today?
alex: "the psychologist they named a slip after"
alex: "*beepbeepbeep* who is sigmund freud, the freudian slip"

Thought YOU'd appreciate that :)
재키sxe_chicana on September 14th, 2006 05:16 pm (UTC)
It's so totally relevant too!
mopimpthanthoumopimpthanthou on September 14th, 2006 07:28 pm (UTC)
I was kind of serious though, I mean I really didnt think I was wrong lol
rowenasatansangel0308 on September 13th, 2006 02:49 am (UTC)

I'm soo jealous you got to see Dir En Gray, I missed them or am going to miss them, I forget which. But my friend did draw me an amazing picture of Toshiya to make up for it.

I would have jacked that woman upside the head for making arm hair comments. I have some pretty dang hairy arms when I can't be assed to shave them, and I hate comments about it.
재키sxe_chicana on September 13th, 2006 02:49 pm (UTC)
Toshiya is hottness! dang

Yeah i shaved em when i was like 12 and the hair grew back all funky so now I have to keep doing it ! Its a pain.
rowenasatansangel0308 on September 14th, 2006 02:51 am (UTC)
We should be arm hair twins! Or not, cause now that I've said that it sounds kinda weird.