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16 October 2006 @ 09:54 am
As a fangirl it's my duty to stay on top of news reguarding my fandoms and I thought I did pretty well but apparently not. I stay away for like 2 days and all mayhem has broke loose.

So today i was talking to my cousin and she was asking me about my trip. I'm going to NYC this week to attend the se7en/YG family concert at madison square garden and i wanted to show her a video of who I was going to see. And I was browsing youtube and is it just me or does the video quality there continue to digress? I wanted to show her a decent quality video and I remember Daum, the Korean search engine, usually has decent quality K-pop vids for streaming.
I notice on the front page of Daum there's a picture of Yunho, a member/leader(leader, in a spiritual/fatherly sense of the word cuz he dont sing so great so his vocal parts are limited to about 3 seconds in half of the songs. He's more talented in the dancing dept.) of my favorite Korean boybands (he's actually the boy on the left side of my icon and I have made a(some) post(s) specifically dedicated to him in the past), on the home page in the headline news section. I find this odd because pop stars, however popular they may be, usually don't make the biggest news headlines of the day especially a singular member of a boyband! Since I can't read korean I have no clue what the news is about. But my first thoughts are perhaps there was a fight and he left the group? Maybe he was fired? I cant fathom what could be so important or perhaps its not important at all and they run a mundane entertainment news section on the daum home page? I have no clue so I head over the DBSK (initials of the boyband's name, Dong Bang Shin Ki) community to see whats up.
The latest post are just the regular requests for mp3s/videos/new member introductions. I scroll back a lil further and then I see it. Something like 20+ entries all regaurding the same thing. All about what happened to Yunho. Apparently someone tried to MURDER him. Yes some crazed anti-fan hated his dancing and singing so incredibly much that she attempted to take his life! I could barely believe it. Basically some girl, age 20, posed as a fan during a show filming. She went  up to Yunho and offered him some orange juice as a friendly jesture from a fan and he humbly received her gift being the gracious pop star he is! (seriously he treats fans amazingly well. There's a candid camera show where he defended a fan having just met her: THIS is what made me fall inlove with Yunho umm but whoever subbed that used a horrendous font and coloring but its better than nothing and that male "fan" is priceless esp when he asks them to serenade him with "My Little Princess")

Little did Yunho know that the drink was laced with super glue! and apparently ALOT because according to news sources his lips split, he vomited blood, passed out, was rushed to the hospital, and then had his stomach pumped!!! Not only did she give him this potential fatale cocktail but it came complete with a note addressed directly to him that said some lame infantile stuff like "Dong bang shin ki sucks. Everyone turns the channel when you come on TV. Your singing and dancing is terrible. Youre not a legend. you play children's music" and last but not least it said "I WANT TO KILL YOU" effing nut case! I mean I think britney spears sucks but I never had a plot to kill her. And if they play children's music and she's an ADULT why does she care? According to her lil letter everyone turns the channel when they come on TV why doesn't she do the same??? Its that simple!

her buying the glue i think

thats her at the police station. She's in jail right now but i heard they might drop the charges cuz she said she was "sorry" and it wasnt premeditated. WTF wasnt premeditated? I dunno what Korea's definition of premeditation is! Maybe 2 years of planning actually leading up to the crime? cuz the girl took the time to write a note. buy the super glue and mix it in the orange drink. Went to the location where she knew he'd be, found a way to contact him and handed him the drink. WTF WASNT premeditated about that? Or they might charge her with some petty intent to commit bodily harm charge but as far as I know this girl attempted to murder someone! It was planned well ahead of time with malice and her objective was murder! The girl obviously has mental problems and I hope at the very least that gets taken into account.

And in other news my Korean a.k.a. Rain's new album came out and he has a horrendous new hairstyle and white girl backup dancer WTF?
Too much traumatic news for me to take at once.

and for Yunho:

Get well soon Yunho. You still have alot more booty shakin' to do!! Sarang Haeyo!!!

xXx oOo
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