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08 November 2006 @ 10:03 pm

Ah yes today was a glorious day! Just short of dumping Bush this was the day I had been waiting for for 6 years! Finally checks and balances have been restored to the US government. Thank you American people for opening your eyes!!! I can't really understand why this took so long, but better late than never!  Not only did the Democratic party recapture control of the U.S. House of Representatives but it looks like they could very well take back the Senate! At the very least they are tied for seats in the Senate. The 1 Senate seat that could give Dems the majority hangs in the balance, Virginia looks like it could very well go to democrat Jim Webb, since he has a slight majority of votes right now. But incumbent republican, prolly most famous around the rest of his country for that Macaca scandal, George Allen, looks like he's gonna fight to the last vote for that one. Most of the day it was reported that Webb was ahead by 7,000 over votes but apparently Allen and his campaign scrounged up some mis-assigned votes out of nowhere and Webb's lead could be diminished to 4,000 votes if not more. *le sigh* But i am still optimistic! George W. Bush gave Rumsfeld the boot, Nancy Pelosi, liberal democrat from the lovely city San Francisco, is well expected to be the first woman Speaker of the House, and My asshole Republican neighbor that is running for state senate got the BITCH SLAP(sorry for my overuse of the term it just has a ring!). The world is looking up! xD

Speaking of State Senate. That asshole Kyle Mcbee  was running for district 9 on the green ticket. Thanks to him and his 3,000 votes/1% of the vote he picked up the Republican won by just a few hundred votes. Fuck you Kyle Mcbee! I could never stand you since you talked smack bout slipknot back in 10th grade! You pretentious, self righteous poser ass! And you never looked like Billy Idol either.


CNN/MSNBC and even the occasional flip to FOX news has been occupying my past few weeksdays. But besides that I went to Royal Oak yesterday to see that Brad Pitt/Gael Garcia Bernal movie, BABEL. It was all sorts of depressing. What did indeed redeem it was of course that sexolicious Mexican, Gael, and a few hott Japanese boys! One of which looked a whole lot like Nao from Kagrra, Um so much infact I thought it was him! But I highly doubt that now cuz I did lots of googling and came up with nothing. The Japanese part must of been written by a Westerner cuz it  was so unrealistic from my experience with Japanese porn. Don't read the rest of the paragraph if you plan on seeing this movie cuz I am about to reveal some semi-relevant parts. So this Japanese gal was all trying to get attention from boys. She figured the best way was to show off her "hairy monster". This is she kept taking off her underwear and from what I gather that won't work so well. Because Japanese boys have some weird... I would call it more than a simple "liking"  or "fascination"  I think it may very well be a creepy obsession with underwear.  I won't go into to much detail but as far as I know they like to fiddle around with underwear for a good half-hour before "commencing" if you know what i mean! Perhaps different things occur off camera! I wouldn't know (sadly)! xD Besides seeing too much Japanese girl crotch there was Gael and he was sporting an oh so cute Norteño accent and trying his best to look like the other 90% of the Mexican population!

After that shopping in Royal Oak. I dunno if it's just me but that town has gotten hecka yuppy! Either that or I have become less tolerant of "fashionable youth" and everything that comes along with that. Whatever it was, I was not feeling it and I felt slightly more uncomfortable than usual. At incognito there was this amazing Asian boy! I'm hoping that he was gay cuz if I'm deprived of that than all womankind should be as well!


I have so much more to update bout BUT I'm lazy and my tummy hurts right now. I'll get around to stuff eventually but the election just had me so pumped!

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